Beautiful Mahogany Natural Wood Space Shuttle Models.
Hand Carved Wooden Space Shuttle Model.

Mahogany Wooden Space Shuttle with solid rocket booster and liquid fuel tank.
Suggested Retail: $149.95
Our Price $79.95
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Wooden Space Shuttle *Spc1001
Suggested Retail: 129.95
Our Price: $59.95

Natural Wood Space Shuttle on back of 747 *Spc1002
Suggested retail $149.95
Our Price $99.95

*Pictures of item Spc1002 and Spc1001 are only representations of the models we intend to stock not the actual model the actual model may vary in color. The pictures came from The Aircaft will be posted until we have models in stock and have pictures of the actual model we offer. Please Visit the Aircraft Collection and Purchase these models from them until we have them in stock.